Bradford Richdale

C.E.O. / Chairman

About Bradford

Brad Richdale® is an American Entrepreneur who has successfully sold millions of units of product globally through direct sales and direct response marketing. Brad is a proven leader, CEO, turnaround specialist and veteran spokesperson and behind the camera as a writer, director, and producer.

While in college at SMU (after graduating Phillips Exeter early) he accepted a part time job with a startup company. Beginning in a garage, Brad worked part time for a CPA entrepreneur. Working together, he witnessed the step by step actions that built a company in one year to 450 employees, netting four million dollars, grown through cash flow without outside investors. After SMU, Brad quickly became a leader in the broadcasting and print advertising industry. By the age of 23, he managed 30 employees and became an expert in turning around advertising entities. At the age of 25, he became the youngest CEO of a Top 50 Market Television Station in the United States.

As a CEO and employer of over 600 employees Brad turned an investment of $100,000 into $139,000,000 in gross revenues in conjunction with NFL Hall Of Fame member, Fran Tarkenton. The growth was totally self-funded through internal cash flow. He became number one in an industry where 99 percent of companies fail.

Brad has filed three13D’s with the SEC, and was part of a group that won a proxy fight and ousted all corporate officers (NYSE TAL: Talley Industries). He’s served on the boards of private and public companies, non-profits, universities and preparatory schools.

He acquired Global Photon’s first utility patent from the late Red Poling, the former three-time CEO of Ford.

He has developed the supply chain management domestically, and recruited a veteran in global manufacturing to manage the supply chain. He has recruited the Regulatory, IP team, developed the relationship with the number one healthcare provider in the United States for Clinical Studies, recruited the management team, and board members.

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