Dr. Peter E. Wiesel, DMD

Board Member
Solo Practitioner & Prosthodontist
Consultant for Proctor & Gamble

About Peter

Dr. Peter Wiesel is a Solo Practitioner & Prosthodontist in Linwood, New Jersey. As a Post-Doctoral graduate of Temple University, with a specialty in Prosthodontists, he was a Consultant for the Global Oral Care Division of Procter & Gamble Corporation, responsible for providing knowledge and expertise of clinical as well as research dentistry for new product development. He also participated as an off-site testing facility for clinical trial data and feedback of product lines, along with having an integral role for collaboration of new patents and intellectual property. He was the Lead Clinician for P&G’s Crest SENSI-STOP product development.

Dr. Wiesel’s education extends as well with a DMD Degree from the University of Pennsylvania, School of Dental Medicine as a Doctor of Dental Medicine, along with Bachelor of Sciences in Biochemistry & Zoology (magna cum laude) from the University of Vermont. He owns multiple patents and intellectual property rights, including: US Patent # 6,506,053 “Systems for Treating Teeth,” US Patent # 6,343,932 “Delivery System for Whitening Teeth,” US Patent # 6,287,120 “Methods and Apparatus for Treating Teeth,” US Patent # 6,155,832 “Methods and Apparatus or Whitening Teeth” and US Patent # 6,106,293 “Methods for Whitening Teeth.” He was recently featured in the publication “Remesense Sensitivity Relief Strips; In-Vitro Performance” (January 2, 2014 Research publication for Procter & Gamble Company’s FDA submission for regulatory filling and compliance of ‘SENSI-STOP’).

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