Lazarus Portable

The Lazarus™ portable medical device delivers systemic Low Level Laser and LED therapy to patients suffering from auto immune conditions.

Global Photon’s latest design is the Lazarus™ portable unit, where users receive treatment on the feet and hands. Sessions are 45 minutes in length. The device planned for the consumer market is portable, easy to ship and service; it delivers the Company’s patented technology and code into the feet and hands, the areas commonly affected by peripheral neuropathy.

Lazarus’s computer controlled, systemic delivery system sends visible and non-visible photons into hands and feet during a 45 minute treatment protocol. These photons travel through the connective tissue of the body to the cells, recharging these cells much like a car battery is recharged via a battery charger.


The Science Behind Lazarus™

Lazarus was scientifically designed to prevent the onset of neuropathy caused by radiation and chemotherapy. Four features set our technology apart:

  • Lazarus delivers energy at such a low level: There is no measureable radiation emitted–this is one area that makes our science and intellectual property unique.
  • Specific timed delivery: Low level laser energy is delivered intermittently.
  • Specific wavelengths: The wavelengths of the low level laser energy have been scientifically engineered to treat breast cancer, and other patients.
  • Systemic delivery: The light emission is sent into the hands and feet, which contain termination points for nerves and organs.  This is fundamental to our patented technology.


Portable and Easy To Use

We’ve designed Lazarus to be quick and easy to set up and use right out of the box. If you can plug in a cord and push a button you can use and operate Lazarus!