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“The Lazarus technology completely reversed my CIPN. I got the feeling back in my hands and my feet. My neutrophil count went up. My quality of life improved significantly and quickly. I wanted to get up in the morning and get dressed and have a productive day! I had less pain, less nausea. I was rested and I wasn’t depressed. I wasn’t feeling like giving up. I was able to complete the chemotherapy without any interruption and without wanting an interruption. I was no longer begging to be taken off the chemo treatment.”

~ Leslie C.

Scottsdale, AZ

“For the past few years, I have had horrible headaches that almost always lead to a migraine. Despite the light sensitivity that typically accompanies a migraine, I used the Lazarus device shortly after the migraine developed and it resolved my migraine before the session was even completed.

After discovering this, I have used Lazarus when I feel a headache coming on and have managed to stave off the migraine entirely! It has made a huge difference for me and I am grateful the use of Lazarus. It has enabled me to avoid having to use prescription painkillers and has made a big difference in my life.”

~ Kate S

Phoenix, AZ

“Both chemo sessions I saw for myself women that were younger than my mom using walkers and one in a wheelchair due to neuropathy. My mom was the only woman walking around just fine in the room both times I was there. There was an age mate that my mom had chemo class with (started at the same time) that my mom speaks with every time she sees her at chemo. This woman was stating how great my mom looked and was genuinely surprised to see my mom without any neuropathy.

During my mom’s office visit her oncologist told me how excited she was to see my mom doing so well. She asked me to please stay in contact with her so that when the device becomes FDA approved she can get some units for her patients. She told me that she has had several patients that were forced to go on disability as the neuropathy from chemo ended their careers.

Some background: Mom did have minor numbness in her feet and shooting pain stemming from a herniated disc in her back. This is what led us to discovering her cancer in the CT she had for her back in December 2014. My mom said she can feel the tingling in both her hands and feet when she uses Lazarus and feels it has even helped lessen some of this pre-existing numbness. The point is, she never developed any chemo-related neuropathy that was detectable by either my mom or the doctors during her 18 rounds of chemo. Mom functions well physically and has repeatedly said how grateful she was to have the device, especially seeing for herself how poorly other women were doing. My mom is in her 70’s doing better than women I saw that looked to be my age (in their 30’s). She used the device every day for 45 minutes.We cannot thank you enough for the use of the Lazarus device.

We stand behind Lazarus and wish it to become available for others so that they have the same chance as my mom. Everyone needs to know about it and have access to Lazarus! It is simply a gift and we will forever be grateful for.”

~ Carol K.


“The chemotherapy side effects I experienced were flu-like symptoms, lethargy/fatigue, depression, joint pain, and a low Neutrophil count. At approximately three (3) months into this chemotherapeutic regimen, I was told I had a severely low Neutrophil count. The drugs I was prescribed to increase my Neutrophil count failed. My Oncologist said if my Neutrophil count didn’t improve by my next appointment (2 weeks from now), the chemotherapy would be discontinued.

It was then that I requested the use of the Lazarus device. I used the device daily with a single treatment session of 45 minutes. At the two (2) week point of the subsequent laboratory draw, my neutrophil count had improved as had the flu-like symptoms, the lethargy/fatigue and depression were also greatly diminished. I was able to successfully complete my treatment regimen. I am doubtful that I would’ve completed my treatment regimen if I hadn’t used the Lazarus device.”

~ Malcom H

Costa Mesa, CA

March 23, 2012 “I completed my last round of chemotherapy. The most painful side-effect I’ve had has been chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN) in both my hands and feet for six months. This continued to get worse after my treatment. My fingers were extremely wrinkled with very deep grooves. My hands (including palms) were numb and constantly tingling or buzzing. My toes were numb and this was spreading to the balls of my feet and down the sides of my feet. My fine motor skills were almost to the point of being non-existent. I had trouble with buttons, zippers, writing (even signing my name). I couldn’t tell how tightly I was holding items, so I was constantly dropping/spilling things.

The numbness in my fingers had progressed to the point that I had to pay very close attention when eating, because I would lose my grasp on the fork or spoon. I had trouble with my balance; I could lose my balance even when I was just standing still.”

May 4th 2012 “I’ve had CIPN for over seven months. I’ve begun to use the Lazarus portable unit for 45 minutes a day on both my hands and feet. I didn’t notice huge differences over night, but I could tell Lazarus was doing something.

Within a couple of weeks of using the device, the neuropathy had stopped progressing. Feeling in my hands and feet began to improve.”

May 21st 2012 “I woke up and looked at my fingers (they had been looking like they were about 100 years old) and noticed that the deep grooves and wrinkles were TOTALLY gone. I was surprised and pleased when the wrinkles disappeared.

Each week I noticed that my hands and feet had continued improving while using Lazarus. My fine motor skills were significantly better. I no longer had problems with buttons and zippers; I hadn’t spilled near as many items and my writing improved. The tingling/buzzing sensation was also reduced significantly.”

August 9, 2012 “The neuropathy is still affecting my hands and feet, but at a significantly reduced state than when I started using Lazarus. The majority of the side effects of my neuropathy have disappeared in the past 3 months. I believe that without the use of the Lazarus technology, I wouldn’t be experiencing such a rapid rate of recovery. I plan on continuing the use of this product. Some of the other benefits I have experienced from using the Lazarus are better sleep, improved skin conditions and more energy. I would highly recommend Lazarus to anyone experiencing any type of peripheral neuropathy.”

September 2013 “My cancer has spread. I just started my second round of chemo (Folfox6 + Erbitux) in September of 2013. At that time, the neuropathy from the previous treatment had improved to the point of it only being felt in the very tips of my fingers and the center-most point of my feet. I have been continuing to use the Lazarus device on a daily basis. I am happy to report that my neuropathy has not worsened over the last 6 months of treatment. The use of the Lazarus device has helped to keep further neuropathy from happening. My side-effects have not been as extreme as the last time, such as my fine motor skills, nausea and pain. I attribute that to the use of Lazarus.”

~ Vicki A.

Austin, Texas

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